Under the heading Reviving tourism in times of global change this year ‘s BSTF welcomes representatives of the tourism industry for the first time online. From 10. to 13. November you can join the diverse programme that focuses on ideas and impulses that are needed for tourism recovery as well as for further developing the sector at regional, national and international level. Participants have the chance to follow selected programme points, or be part of the whole BSTF experience.

November 10 – Warming up for the BSTF “Sustainable entrepreneurship during challenging times”

November 11 – The 1st Sustainable Tourism Award of the Baltic Sea Region

November 12 – 13th Baltic Sea Tourism Forum: „Reviving tourism in times of global change“

The 13th BSTF is one of the events of the Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of the Baltic Sea States 2020-2021. The Presidency is focusing on achievable, practical and visible priorities and one of them is dedicated to sustainable development, green and maritime tourism as an important sector in reviving regional economy, increasing regions’ visibility and offering employment opportunities to young people.

We are very much looking forward meeting you online in November: From Palanga resort to your office!

1st Sustainable Tourism Award of the Baltic Sea Region

We are happy to announce that the 1st Sustainable Tourism Award (STA) of the Baltic Sea Region will be organised during this year’s BSTF. The Award ceremony takes place on 11 November 2020 and will honor the most sustainable destination, the most sustainable product and exceptional services as well as the most sustainable private tourism service provider (business).