About the Network

In recent years, the tourism industry has played an important role in the economies of Baltic Sea Region (BSR).

However, tourism industry is facing an unprecedented challenge due to COVID-19. The inter-countries cooperation to foster the sustainable tourism and empower the youth to contribute to the recovery of tourism sector are seen as important challenges nowadays.

Our Mission

To strengthen BSR Identity as Sustainable Region by the development of sustainable tourism excellence network for Youth – STENetY, as a structure with joint cross-countries youth initiatives and engagement mechanisms that in the long term perspective may keep moving BSR towards the sustainable tourist destination.

The STENetY network aims:

  • to strengthen BSR community of youth by empowering to cross-border collaboration and capacity building in sustainable tourism development.
  • to raise youth awareness of sustainability and improving their networking skills for establishing new sustainability initiatives.
  • to elaborate the international dialogue of youth in creation Tourism Vision 2030 for BSR.




Who can join the STENetY?

Participation in the Network is free of charge. The member of this Network can be either the individual persons or legal organisations. Member organisations should have relationship with tourism development or knowledge share and deep expertise in the areas related to innovations and sustainability in tourism. 

Why join the STENetY?

By becoming a member of the Network you will join a community of youth with ambitions to get more new knowledge from the experts, exchange ideas and collaborate in order to produce innovative solutions for the recovery tourism after the Covid-19 pandemy and development of tourism vision in sustainability way.

How to apply?

To join the Network, please, submit an application form. Please note that applications received by email will not be considered. Applications are reviewed ones per month.

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Email: stenety2020@gmail.com